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About Control Dec

Control Dec was born out of necessity. The members of the December 11 Group (An private, online community dedicated to IM tool development) quickly outgrew the confines of wordpress plugins and single purpose scripts.

Development needed to happen fast, and members needed to be spending their time working on strategies instead of always installing the latest version of a tool.

We're proud to present you with what our group has conceived.


Using a custom Node.js backend, we have done away with the speed issues found with other services.


Built on the full suite of Amazon's cloud hosting services, you can count on the server always being live.


You need to be careful how you spend your time. We excel at making learning our tools as easy as possible.


You're forced to look at the tools you use. Why can't they look great too?

Mobile Ready

Our site is designed using the latest in mobile-compatibile standards. You can access your tools from anywhere.


Does your server have Apache 2 and PHP 5.3 or higher? You're ready to use our tools.

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